Thursday, July 21, 2011


Usually I'm more apt to just buy things than make them, but at certain times it is nice to be able to make something that you are very unlikely to find in the near future. It would be helpful if I could learn how to make all those couture dresses I envision in my dreams and see on the red carpet but that are far too expensive to consider purchasing. For now I'll stick to easier things.

A bullet-shell necklace adorned with gems may be a good place to start:


  1. Could seriously brows this blog for inspiration for hours!!! So many fun, beautiful, and cool things!


  2. I started doing them after I saw one that was like 350 and I thought it was a ridiculous price for something that materials wise, wasn't so expensive. Though now that I'm cutting/ shaving my own stones, and adding designs to the shells I can see the worth of my work... but if you have a steady hand, a dremel, and some stones why not do it for yourself?